Children's Dentistry

Our Care for Your Children!Kids Dentistry Flowery Branch GA

All ages of children will feel at ease in Dr. Jones' care. Our young patients enjoy themselves, whether it is their first visit or they have been our patients throughout their formative years. You can be assured your children will have all their treatment delivered in a thoughtful and compassionate manner. Our team encourages good daily dental hygiene during all their visits to keep their natural teeth for a lifetime. We enjoy each of their visits, from their first one at two years old and every year thereafter.

No More Dental Fears

We understand a child can easily have fear of dental treatment. It is our goal to ensure every generation grows up without that fear. As many parents have told us, our approach with children of all ages is working! We provide a happy office for their visits, and they enjoy coming here. We can help change your child's mind, no matter any past traumatic visits to a dentist or other fears.

Pediatric Dental Treatment Flowery Branch GAChoose Your Child's Dentist as You Would Their Pediatrician

It is very important to instill good habits early in life. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry has recommended a child's first visit by age two. Children's teeth are more prone to cavities during their early ages due to various factors.

Children do not always brush as well as they should. We encourage parents to make sure children brush properly to ensure thorough cleaning. Children often tend to eat throughout the day (grazing). This results in the production of acids in the mouth, which can lead to more cavities.

If teeth are not as clean as they need to be, exposing them to additional acids will increase the rate that cavities develop. Altering dental hygiene habits and making better food choices will help to prevent decay. One application of a mineralizing fluoride varnish will reduce the chances of cavities developing.

Preserve Your Children's Teeth - the Easy Way!Children's Dental Sealants Flowery Branch GA

If you have observed your children brushing their teeth, you are aware they often don't do the best job of cleaning them. They may miss all the deep grooves of back teeth, allowing plaque to build up. This leads to decay, and even the smallest cavity will need a filling.

Fortunately, there is a quick and easy preventive technique. Just one application of a dental sealant will make a difference!

This is the whole treatment:

This whole procedure takes only minutes. No shots or drilling are necessary. It is completely painless, and works as a preventive measure to preserve both children's and adolescents' teeth.

Your entire family deserves a healthy smile! Give us a call today at (770) 965-3049 to schedule a visit for everyone.